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MSK360: A new resource to help
with musculoskeletal pain.

MSK360 by Phzio is a therapeutic platform that combines therapeutic content with industry-leading virtual care. Now that feels better.

MSK360 - An Innovation for Plan Member Health

Approximately 1 in 5 people have musculoskeletal conditions worldwide.(1)

MSK360 delivers a modernized approach to treating employees with MSK pain and injuries. Easily accessed online, employees can use the MSK360 tools and programs to help with pain and injuries or connect virtually, with a licensed health provider.

Therapeutic & Physical Health Programs

Pain & Injury Treatment
Virtual Care

At Home Ergonomics & Injury Prevention

Free for Manulife Plan Members

Manulife plan members get free access when they register for an MSK360 account. Plan members can use their health benefits for most virtual care treatments. Otherwise, members can access all the digital content and programs within MSK360 at no cost.

* Virtual physiotherapy is an eligible expense for plan members with coverage for physiotherapy.

Manulife Plan Sponsors can upgrade to MSK360 Enterprise and receive the following:

STD+LTD Integrated Care Oversight, Adherence Tools, Back-to-work Outcomes

Pre-disability Prevention Programs & Early Intervention Care

Unlimited virtual care for members. Annual physical. At no cost to the benefits plan

Care Outcomes, Satisfaction, ROI, MSK Patterns and Utilization Metrics

Enterprise Plan Sponsors

For more details on the MSK360 platform, you can speak with your Phzio account representative.

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(1) World Health Organization: Musculoskeletal conditions. (n.d.). Retrieved February 16, 2021, from

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