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MSK360 delivers cost containment, injury prevention, early intervention, and rescue programs for employees with MSK disorders.

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Your body is your future

Take charge of your physical health.
Take charge of your physical health.

Book virtual physiotherapy sessions with registered providers.

Lower your MSK costs

Detailed reporting, virtual health
Detailed reporting, virtual health

We can help you reduce disability and MSK costs within your business.

Deliver the future of health

Integrate digital health solutions
Integrate digital health solutions

Are you a broker or market partner? This is for you.

1 in 5

Employees experience
MSK issues every year.


Average cost per employee on
health benefits claim.


Reduction in pain after 3 virtual physiotherapy sessions. (on average)

Why Invest In MSK Health?

Musculoskeletal (MSK) issues affect 1 in 5 employees every year. MSK issues are a leading cause of absenteeism in the workplace and in many cases can lead to short-term or long-term disability. These costs are a significant factor in any workplace and have cascading effects on employee productivity, and therefore business success.

Featured Programs

Ergonomic Assessment graphic

Ergonomic Desk Setup

Learn how to set up your desk ergonomically, and retain good posture throughout the day.

Pre Diabetic Routine Graphic

Pre-Diabetic Program

Subscribe to a healthy weekly exercise routine.

Work injury prevention graphic

Work Injury Prevention

Therapeutic exercise to prevent workplace injury and strengthen key muscle groups.

Lifestyle Injury Prevention Graphic

Lifestyle Injury Prevention

Therapeutic exercise to prevent injury during sports, (exercise, soccer, running, biking).

Free Athletic Therapist Visits For Employees

Lower your company’s paramedical costs. Employees can try athletic therapy sessions to identify and fix MSK susceptibilities.

Virtual Physiotherapy session
MSK Therapeutic Portal. Try:

Fitness Assessment

Functional Fitness Assessment
Test your employee’s level of fitness, find possible MSK susceptibilities.

Work Injury Prevention

Work Injury Prevention
Covers workday warmups, and exercises specific to labourers, retail and office workers.

Lifestyle Injury Prevention

Lifestyle Injury Prevention
Covers running, biking, hockey, and other daily activities.

New Daily Routines

New Daily Routines
Daily routines to keep employees healthy, and prevent injuries in the workplace.

Breathing Exercises

Breathing Exercises
Breathing exercises to help reduce levels of stress and anxiety.

Stretch & Strengthen

Stretch & Strengthen
Stretch and strengthen your muscles to help prevent MSK injuries.

Move & Lift Education

Move & Lift Education
Educational videos that inform employees on proper moving and lifting techniques.

Pre & Post Natal

Pre and Post Natal
Consists of prenatal (before birth) and postpartum (after birth) therapeutic exercise for expectant mothers.

Pre Diabetic Program

Pre Diabetic Program
Consists of a 26 week therapeutic home exercise program.

Body Health Education

Body Health Education
Education on key muscle groups, and common injuries and conditions.

Balance & Posture

Balance & Posture
Work on your balance and posture. Good posture can prevent many workplace injuries.

MSK Patterns in males reporting graphic

Advanced Metrics.
An in depth look into employee health.

See MSK susceptibilities in your workforce. Track areas of focus and treatment progress.

Your Body is your Future.

Employee Engagement:
Early Interventions:
Most Common Injury:
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Connect with
your employees.

MSK360 is developed with a communication plan to
ensure strong levels of engagement.

Your Body is your Future.

Start your day with a breathing
exercise or short daily warmup.

Why use MSK360?

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Results based solution for addressing MSK

We can help. With techniques that work, therapeutic exercise, and virtual physiotherapy visits.

Data you've never seen before

Advanced metrics for reporting. See more results within your business.

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Injury prevention and early intervention

Self-diagnostic tools, virtual physiotherapy,
therapeutic exercise library.

Implementation & oversight module

Get started within 30 days. Focus on the
physical health of your employees.


Virtual Physiotherapy with the latest technologies.
Prevent injuries and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Self Serve Tool

Support features

Virtual Physiotherapy

Therapeutic Video Exercises

In-Depth Reporting

Communication Plan

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Includes 1000+ therapeutic exercises, virtual physiotherapy,
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